18 янв. 2011 г.

Learning Circles autumn session 2010

   So, dear friends, we've finished our second participation in Learning Circles. How to work in Learning Circles I've told earlier and now I want to tell some words about our main activities. There were 8 teams from Belarus, Russia, Romania, the USA and India. My students of the 7th form were active participants of this circle.We worked on 6 projects: Food for Life,  National Holidays, People Who Migrate and How They Adapt, Getting nostalgic - remembering our past, School Life and Your Favorite Holiday. Our sponsoring project was "Your Favorite Holiday".  
   Veronika Klimovich, Dasha Tatur and Sasha Potachits made a project "Food for Life" 
   Yulia Moroz told about our national holiday "Inderpendence Day" 
  Ivan Kovalev, Liza Senkovskaya, Veronika Klimovich, Dasha Tatur prepared some projects about the monuments in Starye Dorogi and belarus for the project "Getting nostalgic - remembering our past" 
   Liza Senkovskaya, Irina Shavkunova and Lena Dubitskaya made a project about our gymnasia 
   Liza Mataeva, Yulia Moroz and Ilia Epukhov told about thier favorite holidays 
At the end of the session we prepared a final project "Our Favorite Holiday"
 We want to say thank you to our partners: Rodica, Greeta, Jan, Tatiana, Svetlana and Barry (our coodinator). I hope will meet again. 

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